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Why Choose American Accommodators?

The American Way

American Accommodators is a premier 1031 Qualified Intermediary and Exchange service provider.

We take a white glove approach to every tax deferred exchange ensuring that all exchangers are following the 1031 tax code and timelines.

At AA1031 we value Competence, Courtesy and Correspondence. 

Every exchange we handle is electronically managed with timeline updates, full encryption, and individual exchange accounts.


Expert Team 

Our expert and dedicated team is ready to walk you through the entire exchange process. To American Accommodators, this is not just another transaction.

As the Qualified Intermediary, we work with our clients and their advisors, to carefully structure the exchange transaction to meet their investment goals while following the tax code to ensure success.

Our Exchange Software

Our robust, secure, cloud-based Exchange Manager Pro℠ software allows us to serve our clients nationwide.

We offer:

  • Electronic signatures

  • Document prep: assignment and exchange agreements, designation notice, 

  • Timely email notifications on exchange progress to the exchanger, including: 45-day and 180-day exchange period reminders

  • Assignment notifications and instructions for relinquished and replacement properties.

  • We keep you on track, each step of the way.

Our Financial Security
  • Reliable & Secure Banking

  • Same Day Wire Transfers 

  • Segregated exchange funds with sub-accounting on behalf of each exchanger 

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Exchanger approved disbursement requests

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